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Group Coaching

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Are you in transition, or frustrated because of a lack of progress in different areas of your life?

Are You looking for clarity on the direction to take?


Coaching is the best solution.


Group coaching is a great entre to discover what coaching is all about and the tremendous benefits that come with it.

Group coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context. It is an intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and while being held accountable.

During the course of this program, you will:

  • Gain clarity on your goals and objectives

  • Receive guidance and support in achieving them through coaching and community

  • Receive strategies and techniques to develop skills and clear obstacles

  • Have accountability for your progress and commitments

  • Have the ability to network with others


All of this will be done in a safe and confidential environment.


What you will receive:

  • Four 90 minute weekly sessions

  • A 30-minute one-on-one Coaching Session with one of our expert coaches

  • Strategies and Techniques to take your life to the Next Level

  • A closed, confidential and private forum for support

  • Expertise and guidance from two highly experienced coaches


Individual coaching can be thousands of dollars a month. Group coaching offers tremendous value.

Our group coaching program is just $197/month if booked by end of 2020  It will be $250/month in 2021. ( The coaching hours alone would be over $1200)

Our next group starts soon. Space is limited to only 10 people and we are filling up fast.

Register Now, before the spaces are gone.

The dates and times of the coaching will be set when we have a full Cohort and will be a convenient time for everyone in the group.

Coaches From Peak Performance Mindset Coaching

Lisa Schermerhorn - Lisa is a Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Master Practitioner of NLP. She has been coaching professionals and athletes for over 20 years. She was the founder and owner of Indigo Wellness Center in greater Boston, as well as VP of Business Development with MeditainmentVR, a virtual reality wellness company. She understands leadership and how to foster peak performance in others.

Kevin Martin - Kevin is also a Mindset Coach, an award winning Hypnotherapist, and Master Practitioner of NLP. He is an author, speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur who has started several companies. Kevin has been trained students all over the world for over 25 years. He has a passion for helping people make the changes they want to make.

Register Below for a FREE Discovery Call

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