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Kevin Martin CMHT, CMNLP  

Kevin Martin is an author, professional speaker, seminar leader, entrepreneur, and Master Practitioner of hypnotherapy and NLP. He has been training people for over 25 years in both technical and non-technical fields. Kevin understands how people think, how people learn, and most importantly, how people change. 
Kevin is compassionate and caring, enabling him to work with very difficult problems and very sensitive people. He is passionate about hypnosis and NLP and he is passionate about helping people. Kevin’s mission has always been to help as many people as he can and to touch everyone he meets in some positive manner.  

Brenda Martin CMHT, CMNLP,   

Brenda Martin is a board-certified consulting hypnotist, trained in pediatric hypnosis and pain management. She is also a trained and licensed QS60 Stop Smoking Specialist and a certified NLP Coach. She, like Kevin, is a Master Practitioner of NLP as well.


Brenda has a passion for working with people, especially young adults and children. She especially brings her experience and knowledge as a former foster mother to her younger clients and families dealing with adolescent issues. She brings both her passion and compassion into the hypnotic experience with all her clients.

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"Hi Kevin.. Just wanted to give you an update on my progress since our session. I have definitely noticed a significant difference since the hypnosis, my anxiety about spiders has gone down so much, I've even killed a few with no problems and had no fear lingering about it. I also find myself not looking for them or even worrying about it at all. Bees and wasps I'm still pretty edgy with however there is definitely a difference as well. My mother has also done wonderful as well. We may schedule another session at some point, but are both very impressed with our progress. Thank you so much and we will be in touch should we decide to schedule a tune up. Thanks again!"

- Kelly - NH

"Hi Kevin, Nice to hear from you. I am continuing to do great. ... I just can’t believe how much this has helped me. It is so nice to have my life back. I just traveled to the pacific northwest. I am now eating again (and gaining weight). Thank you so much! Have a great summer."- D -NH



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