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Mental Emotional Release

Mental Emotional Release® (MER) is a specific therapy developed out of NLP. It utilizes the concept of a time line that we all have organized in one way or another. The time line is really just a representation of how we organize our memories of the past and our images of the future.

This is a wonderful, non-hypnotic therapy that eliminates negative emotions and limiting beliefs that were caused by an earlier event or series of events in your life.

MER works on the theory that we have a root cause somewhere in our past for all negative emotions and limiting beliefs. MER then allows for discovery of this root cause. Utilizing the time line, one goes back to the event. (Caution is imperative when dealing with traumatic experiences) The client 'goes back' on their time line to this event to rid it of negative emotions. The process after that is quite remarkable and quick.

The actual memory of the root cause disassociates with the emotion or belief causing a permanent change. Testing by associating into similar experiences proves the release of the emotion or belief.

Mental Emotional Release® can also be very effectively used in goal setting. An image of a goal being achieved is then set as a future ‘memory’ in the Time Line. The unconscious mind goes to work to figure out what you need to do to fulfill that image. This is a truly remarkable experience.

I recommend the book Mental Emotional Release by Matt James and Tris Thorp.

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