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Coaching is very popular today.  There are life coaches, business coaches, career coaches, relationship coaches, health coaches, executive coaches, and so forth.  At Positive Effects Coaching & Hypnosis, our coaches are not 'experts'  in any field or industry to tell you 'how' to do something.  We are experts in human nature and the mind, to help you discover how to do what is needed.

As Next Level Coaches we help you get to the 'next level' in your life, career, relationship, or health.  You may already be successful or you may just be stuck in a certain part of your life.  Because of our training and experience in hypnosis, NLP, and other protocols that help with the psyche and body, we can help you with most obstacles that stand in your way of being, doing, or having what you want.


We work with you every step of the way on your path of getting to your next level, holding you accountable for the activities that we discover are needed to get you there.

Call us for more information and a free coaching strategy session.


"I was fortunate to find Brenda through a friend, and the timing was perfect.

I was a recent graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and had learned in addition to my nutrition program some marketing skills.

What I soon learned is that it was not enough to just implement a marketing plan, I needed to get past some confidence issues and formulate some specific goals for now and the future.

Brenda applied unique techniques and practices to guide me to visualize what I really desired for myself and my business. The sessions flowed and I was able to form a concrete plan to execute in a measurable, specific and attainable format. It was not long before things fell into place and my confidence and beliefs turned into new programs and new clients. I was beginning to manifest the results I truly envisioned with Brenda's support, friendship and expertise."

- Nancy P., CHC

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