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Design Your Life

Breakthrough Package and/or Next Level Coaching can jump-start you to help you design the life that you want.  of course this is something you can do on your own.


Start by finding your purpose.  Easier said than done sometimes.  I have exercises laid out in my book - Living Your Dream Life Simply by Changing Your Perceptions.


Your purpose is your overarching reason for living and doing things.  It is basically a mission.  From it you can create a mission statement if you wish.  Once you've got your mission/purpose, you can create goals that align with it.  This is important, because often we create goals that are not congruent with our purpose.  When we achieve them, we find that we are still not satisfied or we are unhappy.

Aside of finding your purpose and setting and achieving congruent goals, you must also work on your self-esteem.  we may run into a lot of obstacles along the path to get things you want to be, do, or have, and if it is not healthy, you may easily give up.  A healthy self-esteem is critical to a happy life.

Another thing to consider in designing your life is personal growth.  Tony Robbins says about personal growth, "If you're not growing, your dying." and I do believe that personal growth is also a key element in living a happy life.

Whether or not you use or services, use the tips above to start designing your life right now.  Of course,this implies taking control of your life.  Be the best you can be.

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