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Break Through
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Breakthrough Package





Our Ultimate Premium Packaged Service!




Sometimes, we really need an overall ‘Breakthrough’. The Positive Effects Breakthrough Package is a total work over of the mind allowing you to breakthrough obstacles in all areas of your life. . We start with a thorough interview to help indicate issues and limiting beliefs and help you properly define your goals. We then help rid you of all major negative emotional triggers that may be causing issues – Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Guilt. We then work on eliminating all limiting beliefs that you have. Next we help you re-align your values with your goals and desires.

This service is for those who have excelled but still feel there is something holding them back. It is a premium, multi session service that is designed to be done over a short period of time.  

If you want to Breakthrough the things that have been holding you back and explode in a specific part of your life, be it career, relationships, finance, or any other part of your life, this is the program for you.

Contact us for pricing and more information on either the Personal Breakthrough or Professional Breakthrough

Pain Management

If you have chronic pain that typical over the counter medication cannot handle or you prefer a drug free option, we can help. Pain is a warning that something serious may be wrong. You should have your pain checked out by a physician first. If there is no physical issue that needs to be addressed or if there is nothing further they can do to reduce the pain, then we can help you diminish the feeling of the pain through hypnosis. If the chronic condition is something that is just one of many chronic conditions, there may be an internal psychological or emotional component that is preventing these conditions from going away. We work with you to help find the cause, then allowing healing to start.

In all cases of pain management, we require a note of referral from your treating physician.

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Insomnia (Sleep Disorders)

If you have Insomnia you may need to look at your daily schedule and change your habits around. If the insomnia is serious, you should first see a medical doctor to ensure there is no physiological issue causing this.


For ordinary lack of sleep due to anxiety, hypnosis can be valuable in finding the issue and resolving it, allowing for peaceful sleep.


For deeper issues, we have other techniques help find the root cause and eliminate it. Then help the client sleep well again with hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

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Phobias and fears are very real and affect you in many different ways. If you freak out when thinking about getting on an airplane or seeing a picture of a spider, this is the program for you. We have had some clients lose intense fears that they have held for years in as little as 20 minutes. This is possible for you. We have a specific process to help identify the real root cause of the fear and eliminate it at all levels.


You will be able to go through life without the intense fear that used to haunt you.

Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Your mind associates bad experiences of the past to the present protect you from happening again. Panic and anxiety set in to help you avoid that experience again. We have the ability to find the triggers that create the panic and anxiety and defuse them for you. We help you "re-wire" the brain so that you can function properly and get over the disabling issues.


You will once again be able to easily handle most of life’s common issues.

Stress Relief

Stress can be very uncomfortable and painful feeling. It becomes a very physical problem with time. It is tricky to catch and you may find that you only discovered you are overly stressed by a clue from family members or close friends. We have many techniques to help you rid yourself of this stress. It is time for you to learn to laugh and be happy again. You will be able to look forward to a better future and well-being.

Weight Loss Programs

We have many ways to help you with weight loss or weight management. With your signed physician’s letter, you choose the program and the plan for your weight loss.

We offer a variety of options including... Bariatric Surgery of the Mind where you go into virtual surgery and follow an independent program. We also offer sessions on self-esteem issues tied to weight, over eating issues, and healthy eating. You may also choose to be coached on your particular diet that your doctor prescribed just for you.

Smoking Cessation (Stop Smoking)

Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes or Less (QS60) - This is a dynamic program that we have been trained extensively to give a guarantee in 3 months if it is ineffective, we will continue till you are a non-smoker.

With hypnosis, you can walk into one of our  office as a smoker… and walk out as a non-smoker. If you’ve already made the decision, then you don’t even have to try. You’ll feel no “cravings” that you must overcome by “willpower.”  This means you can quit smoking, today, with:

•  No cravings
•  No weight gain
•  No nervousness

Hypnosis is simple. We guarantee that you will become a non-smoker.


Issues around relationships can vary widely. Fear, anxiety, self-esteem, communication issues, can all play part. If your problem is creating or maintaining a healthy relationship, we can help you find the cause. Then we can help you resolve the issues so they will no longer stand in your way of a healthy relationship.

We also provide communications ‘counseling’ for individuals or couples. You can learn to better communicate and understand others. This allows for deeper relationships.


Some people find that they self-sabotage when dealing with financial or wealth issues. Yes, people can be afraid of success We help our clients better understand how they really view wealth and money. If there is an issue of self-sabotage, we help our clients find the cause and we resolve it, allowing them to now move forward without any resistance to wealth or money. We also use some techniques to imprint financial goals within the subconscious.

Goal Setting

Sometimes we get ‘stuck’ in life with no direction. It becomes hard to move forward. There may be many reasons for this. We help our clients by finding the cause(s) and resolve them. We then help our clients set goals in a fashion that impacts the subconscious at a deep level, making it easy to stay on track and achieve whatever it is they want to do. Through this process, you will find a clarity and sense of direction like you have never felt before. This is part of our Coaching Program.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a specific fear that is probably one of the most common phobias, known as glossophobia. It is estimated that as many as 75% of the general public suffer from some degree of fear and anxiety over public speaking, yet it is a skill that can be so valuable for many. We help clients not only get over the fear of public speaking, we also help them to do it well and enjoy it.

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