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The Life In A Day Of A Mindset Coach

Mindset Coaches or any coaches, for that matter, are ordinary people.  They have ordinary experiences and also have ordinary days or at least days like most other people have to deal with.  This was one of those days.  Early in the morning, I started out to the hospital for an MRI.  (No need to worry, just something that they are tracking that is common on the pituitary gland).

Well, I showed up and they said that my appointment was in Feb.  Here I was, at the hospital prior to 8 am and my trip was for nothing.  The assistant looked up and said, “Hold on, we have an opening.  It looks like someone canceled last night!”.  Wow! How fortuitous!  (I don’t believe in coincidences and I do believe that things happen for a reason.)

After asking me a battalion of questions, they said that this was one of the longer MRI’s, and asked if I will be ok?  I said, “No problem.  I’m a hypnotist!”  Oh boy.  I’m a big believer in ‘walk the talk’ and I am going to use all of my skills to make myself as comfortable as possible, but I just flat out said that there will be no issue and now I cannot complain for any reason.

This MRI machine did not have any ability to raise the head more than a thin towel folder over.  I was not comfortable going it but I did my stuff and made it through quite well and pleased the staff there with no complaints.  My neck even got back to normal feeling within minutes of getting up.  And … they did verify that the MRI showed that there was a true brain in my head.  There!   And HA!! For all those who told me otherwise.

Back to work—a check-in call with a client. New insights were brought up, and she informed me that a process that I showed her was bringing new clients in ‘magically’. I am the one who used the word ‘magically’ because this process almost works like magic. It is so gratifying to talk to clients and get that kind of feedback.

Working on a new book.  Yes, of course, coaches write.  We have to share our wisdom.  Does that make us sages?  Oh, that would be so cool.  What was cool was going back to some work I started a few years ago and re-reading what I wrote. And then wondering who wrote it because it was written so brilliantly.  I may be boasting a bit but it is very cool when you read something. not thinking it was yours because it sounds so good.

Off to the dermatologist.  This visit was my wife’s idea. I’ve had a dark spot on my right cheek for many years.  It was over an inch in diameter.  I had it checked out by my GP back then and she said not to worry.  Well, as of recent, it has been disappearing, even peeling.  Though it is going away, maybe I should have it checked.

The doctor asked if I had been doing anything to it.  I said, “Not physically”. She asked what I meant by that, and I told her that I was a hypnotist and mindset coach who believes in the mind-body connection, and I have been working on getting rid of this spot.    I then mentioned (to a dermatologist, non-the-less) that the skin is the most suggestible organ in the body.  I found that I was preaching to the choir.  She told me that the last hospital she worked at, which specialized in skin disorders, had a hypnotist on staff to help get rid of warts.  She agreed with me that most old-home ‘recipes’ for getting rid of warts worked because of the placebo effect.  She told me that when she works with children with warts, she tells them that they are in full control of the warts and can make them go away anytime they want to.  And it works!  What a treat to run into a physician who believes in the power of the mind.

“Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” – William James

I then had the treat of having lunch with my favorite daughter.  Ok, she’s my only daughter, and I really love seeing and talking to her when I can.  When you bring someone up to be strong and independent, you have to live with the fact that they are living like you wanted them to – someone who no longer needs their parents every step of the way.  I love her and it was the highlight of my day.  My wife was not as pleased, as she could not be there, but she was much better when she at least talked to our daughter.

There are different stages in our lives, especially when you have children.  They do grow up and become so different than they were when you were raising them, and your relationship then becomes different.  You cannot fight it.  You must accept it and celebrate it.

“Your children are not your children, they come through you, but they are life itself, wanting to express itself.” ― Wayne Dyer

Next was back home and then to pick up my grandson from school.  Talk about different stages and different relationships.  Well, at least there is finally someone who I can relate to at my emotional age level (My grandson is 7 years old.)

More work, then dinner and dinner talk.  We make sure that all in the house have dinner together as much as possible.  We like to have those special moments, however, sometimes it is like being in a reality TV show.

A little TV, some talk about the day and what’s next, and then to bed.

“At the end of the day, if I can say I had fun, it was a good day.” – Simone Biles

A coach, a hypnotist, a transformational practitioner are all human. As is a CEO, engineer, scientist, doctor, and housewife or househusband.  We all have to deal with similar things, even if our jobs and responsibilities differ.  I’m just so blessed that my work, my beliefs, and my interests leak into the other, more typical parts of my day.

Look for the magic in your day!

If you want more information on Mindset Coaching, contact me at or fill out my contact form @


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