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Eliminate Pet Allergy Symptoms

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No Gimmicks! No Drugs! No Supplements!

Pet Allergies

A pet allergy is defined as an allergic reaction to proteins found in an animal's skin cells, saliva, or urine. There are over 3 million cases a year of pet allergies.

For some, it's OK.  They just stay away from household pets.  For others, it's painful because they or their family want to have pets.  Or they have friends that they cannot visit because they have pets.   

If this is you, there is relief and it's not a medication of any kind that you constantly have to make sure that you take.

Eliminate!  Not Maintain

We have a nearly 100% success rate in helping people eliminate their pet allergy symptoms. 

Yes, eliminate!

We can help you do this through a safe and quick, customized, process. 

Within 2-3 one-on-one meetings, the reaction to pet dander is gone and you will have the ability to be with pets.  Often, results are seen after the first meeting.

We guarantee that your symptoms will greatly reduce or be eliminated altogether.

Click here to schedule your FREE Consult Call to learn more and see if your pet allergy condition qualifies.


Safe & Effective

Because medical bodies like the Mayo Clinic and the Academy of Allergies, Asthma, and Immunology, and even the CDC, describe allergies as just a 'mistake' of the immune system, where a safe substance is seen as a threat, we can correct this 'mistake' and give you your freedom back.  No drugs! No Supplements!  No Gimmicks!

Just a safe, easy process of a personal, customized session(s) with instructions and guided visualization.


Note: We do this either in person or remotely via Zoom or similar apps.

Click here to schedule your FREE Consult Call to learn more and see if your pet allergy condition qualifies.



John H.

I walked out of the session and into the hallway.  I ran to the first service dog that I found in the place.  I put my hands on his head and rubbed him feverishly.  I then rubbed my hands all over my face.  My allergy symptoms were gone!  Wow! 

Igor S.

My wife and I so much wanted to get a dog.  We even had the type picked out - a dachshund.  The only problem was that I was allergic to dogs.  I saw Kevin for his process, and all of the symptoms  practically went away on the first session. 

We now have our cute little dog.  Thanks Kevin.

Tina H.

My best friend had cats and I could not visit.  I had terrible allergies that I got from my dad.  Kevin did the process with me.  Not only can I visit my friends without an issue, but I now have a cat of my own.  Thank you Kevin.

Harry B.

I volunteered for a demonstration during a workshop that Kevin was doing.  I had an allergy to lobster and shrimp, and I was a seafood cook, so it wasn't the best situation.  Over the next two weeks, I tested and found that I no longer suffered any symptoms and could eat lobster and shrimp.

So,if you want to be
symptom free, schedule your FREE Consult Call to find out more about this process.

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